Buy with Confidence

Busydays was proud to have be a member of
West Sussex Trading Standards 'Buy with Confidence' scheme.

This is a great scheme which Busydays wishes every success. If you ever need a professional tradesperson then you should always check they are signed up to this scheme.

Busydays did not renew its membership of this scheme in 2014. Busydays stop being a member of this scheme after 7 years of being a member, as we could not justify the cost. This scheme is excellent but is really designed for tradespeople and garages etc. So if you are a tradesperson then I would highly recommend becoming a member.  

Trading Standards can help you find traders you can trust.

Businesses approved by Trading Standards have been checked to ensure that they operate in a legal, honest and fair way.

We have been independently checked by Trading Standards for compliance with the letter and spirit of the law.


Stephen Francies (Co-Founder of Busydays) being awarded our
West Sussex Trading Standards Buy with Confidence certificate.


For further information you can visit:

West Sussex trading standards
Buy with confidence

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