Terms of hire

1. Booking
1.1 Bookings are made using our online booking form and require a £25 booking fee in order to reserve the date and time.

1.2 Complete our booking form and we will check availability and aim to get back to you within 48 hours.  If we can accept your booking we will send you a PayPal invoice for the full amount.  You can then choose to pay your entire balance, or £25 as a booking fee in order to reserve the date you wish to book. 

1.3 We cannot reserve any dates until a £25 booking fee has been processed.

1.4 The remainder of your balance due 14 days before the date of your event.

2. Cancellations

2.1 Cancellations by you:
Once your face painter is booked, we hold the date and time for you, turning down other potential business. If you cancel at the last minute, we lose the opportunity to secure another booking.  

Less than 14 days’ notice – 100% balance will be refunded excluding non-refundable booking fee
Less than 7 days’ notice – 50% of balance will be refunded excluding non-refundable booking fee
7 days or less notice – sorry, no refunds.

2.2 Cancellations by us:
In the very unusual event that a Busydays is not be able to fulfil your booking every effort will be made to find a replacement and any monies paid will be refunded. 

2.3 Busydays shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control. Please also note that when a major road/motorway is closed, we cannot accept blame for being late.

4. Set up instructions:

4.1 Travel expenses: We base our mileage charge on HM Revenue & customs recommendation of 45p per mile. This starts at the 10 mile mark, e.g.: If your address is 11 miles from our nearest Busydays face painter, we will only charge £0.90 in travel expenses (£0.45 each way).

4.2 Access: Please inform us of any access issues such as parking gates, meters or narrow entrances. You will be charged for any charges incurred due to lack of parking.

4.3 Timings: Please note that although your booking may have a start & end time, Busydays entertainers reserve the right to end work early if guests have arrived before the start time and the event /party was started early. For private bookings we reserve the right to charge a £8.75 per 15 minutes the booking over runs, if the delay is not caused in any part by us.

4.4 Equipment: Please ensure a table and two chairs are available for your face painter. Wherever possible your face painter should be set up indoors, as it is often difficult to face paint in the wind or bright sun. If you require your face painter to be set up outside please ensure you provide adequate shelter that completely covers and protects the face painters equipment from adverse weather conditions.

4.5 If you require Busydays to provide a full set up (table chairs & gazebo etc.) please advise us of this as soon as possible. There may be an additional charge for this service.

5. Health and safety:
5.1 Copies of Busydays public liability insurance, risk assessments and entertainers DBS enhanced clearance certifications are available on request.

As per our disclaimer:
(which all Busydays face painters will display)

5.2 Please note that all children remain the sole responsibility of their parents, guardians whilst being painted or waiting their turn.
5.3 If a child has very sensitive skin then face painting may cause irritation. A skin patch test can be carried out to check this. It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to inform your Busydays face painter of sensitive skin in advance of any painting. Busydays, and Busydays face painters cannot be held liable for any allergic reaction.

5.4 Busydays face painters will not paint anyone who has an obvious skin complaint (eczema, open wounds, acne, cold sores, conjunctivitis etc.) Or anyone who is obviously unwell (sneezing, runny nose, rash etc.)

5.5 The water your Busydays face painter will be using is changed regularly during a face painting session and they will always use a clean sponge for every face. All brushes are thoroughly washed with detergent and sponges are machine washed after every event.

5.6 Busydays face painters only use high quality, professional, water based paints that will easily remove with baby wipes or soap and water. Occasionally some colours may slightly stain the skin but this will disappear after a day or two. Should paint stain any clothing it will usually wash out. Busydays face painters will endeavour to do their best to avoid staining clothes whilst painting. Busydays and Busydays face painters are not responsible for damaged clothes/property.

5.7 Occasionally Busydays like to take photographs of faces we have painted to use our promotional material, on our website and on social media sites. Busydays face painters will always ask before taking a child’s photograph and will also ask for written parental permission.

6. Stopping face painting / leaving event
6.1 Busydays face painters reserve the right to stop painting or to refuse to paint anyone they believe should not be painted; i.e.: too young, asleep or if a child becomes uncomfortable or upset, or if they are asked to paint inappropriate symbols/lettering. 

6.2 Busydays face painters also reserve the right to leave without refunding any monies in the event of extreme working conditions which have been brought to the attention of the organisers but continuing to happen. This includes, but is not limited to; violence, extreme inappropriate behaviour of either a child, pet or adult, illegal activities or otherwise dangerous conditions such as extreme weather conditions.

7. Complaints, feedback or for more information
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: Email us at: mail@busydays.co.uk

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