New Year, New Goals

So here we are, welcome to January 2019! 2018 was an awesome year, filled with some truly brilliant events and parties for the Busydays team. We spent lots of time at the Weald and Downland museum over the school holidays, and helped fundraise for a number of worthy causes, such as the Horsham Rotary club and the Steyning Downland Scheme. We joined the John Lewis Group for Easter fun, and met Lionel the Lion at White Lion Walk shopping Centre in Guildford. We also had the amazing privilege of face painting for Pallant House Art Gallery in Chichester and had our biggest team ever at The Farnborough International Air show.

As I write this now it is funny to think that only a few years ago we spent most of our working time sitting in fields, shivering in the rain and worrying about if we would make enough money to pay the stallholder fee. I don’t think we ever thought we would get to the stage that prestigious venues such as Parham House and Borde Hill Gardens would pay for us to attend their events. Don’t get me wrong, we have worked for this privilege, regularly donating time and services for free in exchange for opportunities to practice and grow. We would often know we may lose money at some events, but trusted that we would make contacts that would eventually led to the successful events and parties we get invited to now. We have been blessed with a hardworking and creative team who have supported us by attending everything and anything we sent them to with the same shared goal of future success and growth. I am very happy to say, in 2018 all that hard work paid off. Now, as a team we are set for another fantastic year. We are already re- booked for many of our regular venues and events, and processing enquires for a few new adventures.

This is the part I personally get the most sense of achievement from. Planning the year ahead brings me so much joy! I really enjoy the time consuming, detailed and exploratory background work that goes into preparing for… well almost anything! Making the shopping list is always far more fun than the actual shopping, and planning the workouts far less tiring! I can’t be the only one who has far too many note books for all my plans. I LOVE my notebook stash, especially the empty ones. They represent all the amazing possibilities that could lay ahead, when I finally find just the right purpose for them. That is what I love most about this time of year, the gift of a fresh start. New notebooks, calendars and diaries. I have limited myself to only two this year. One for my daily to do lists, and one for my social media planning. I already have so many new ideas and goals in mind for the year ahead. I have decided to dedicate more time to team development too, creating a Facebook group for the Busydays Team so that we can share and discuss new ideas and develop old ones. We have new event services to offer, and some very exciting new party packages in the pipeline.

With all this planning it is important to stay organised (yes, I realise this may be my subtle way of excusing my notebook habit!) and so on 14th January I will be joining the #Cleanoffyourdesk craze! There is nothing like a good hashtag and the threat of posting a photo of your workspace on social media to prompt a good clean up. If you have any goals and resolutions for 2019 why not share them with us on social media? We would love to hear what you have planned.

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